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Thursday, March 12, 2009


How Blogging Can Assist Language Learners And Enhance Your Writing Skills

In my opinion, blogging an assist language learners and enhance writing skills because blooging require bloggers to write his own opinion and information about his blog. Furthermore, blogging also needs bloggers to look at others blog and read about their blog.

As a student of English Language Studies (ELS), I think using blog helps me a lot to improve my writing skills. It is because when I start to use blog I realize that I have become more and more concern about grammar, spelling and words that I am use in writing in my blog. Blogging needs me to always update with the latest issue. Because of that, when I am start blogging, it is encourage me to reading and looking for the latest news and information. At the same time, even thought it is incidental reading but it still helps me a lot to enhance my writing skill. 

I am believed people who are using blog as the medium to share opinion and makes friends will agree with my statement. It is because blog is not just can be online diary to the user but it also a kind of tool of communications to connect people around the world.


Blogs That I am Enjoy Reading

Here I want to share 2 of blogs that I enjoy reading at most.

1. http://www.babiesonline.com/

I love reading this blog because this blog gives information about babies. I like babies very much. From this blog I can get information about how to take care of the babies. But what I love the most in this blog is we can search about the baby’s name. It is very interesting because we can know about the usual name or unusual name for the babies. This blog is also very nice and full with interesting picture of babies. It is very cute!!

To sum up, this blog is a good blog for the future parent to looking information about parental preparations. 

2. http://myhaircuts.blogspot.com/search/label/Asian-hairstyle

For this blog, I am enjoyed reading it is because this blog shows the latest trend of haircut for Asian people. Most of the haircuts are inspired from Korean and Japanese people. All of the haircuts are very cute and very suitable for Asian people. Furthermore, this blog also include types of hairstyle from all over the world and hairstyle of the celebrities. This blog not just for women only but men also can look for the newest haircut style for them. Because of that I think this blog are enjoyable to read.


Go to the blog if you want to know more!! ;-) 


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