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Saturday, March 21, 2009


  1. Mamma.com
  2. Google scholar
  3. Eric digest
  4. Yahoo.com


There are some similarities between all 4 search engines. Mamma.com, google scholar, eric digest and yahoo.com are use by people to search information. All of these search engines provides the best device for search information. Besides that, these entire search engines give the user the easiest way for looking the information by using a keyword or exact phrase. These search engines also give all the articles or journal in the shortest time.



Mamma.com provides the easier way for looking digital media and personal files. Mamma.com is different from other search engine because mamma.com it is the only search engine that have yellow pages and white pages. This kind of abilities help user to looking for somebody or place. Besides that, mamma.com also have suggested information for the user if the information that be given by the search engine is not enough. To sum up, mamma.com is very efficient to be use because of its ability in looking information. Try it by yourself.


Eric Digest

For Eric digest, it also provides article but most of its article are related with education. Eric digest are the best search engine for looking variety of topics about short reports, bibliographies and index documents. This search engine had been design special for advance learners such as teachers, administrators or also known as educational community. Besides that, most of the results provides by eric digest are include with references and authors.


Google Scholar

Google scholar search engine gives simplest way to searching information because we can search across many disciplines and sources such as papers, theses, books and articles. All of this information is from academic publisher, university and scholarly organization, and also from professional societies. Google scholar also help user to search the most relevant research across to world about topics that user looking for. Library visitors also can use Google scholar to locate scholarly literature provides by library with is in printed or electronic version.



Yahoo.com it is not just a search engine, but it also a source to people all around the world to communicate, create and share information. Yahoo also provides users with advertisement and latest news. Because of that, yahoo has become the famous search engine compare with the other search engine. It also includes more languages that help user to use it.


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