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Thursday, April 9, 2009



Age: 21 years old

Tutorial Group: Group 4

Lecturer: Dr Zaini Hj Amir


Do you enjoy blogging

Yes. Because for me, blogging is very interesting and enjoyable. With blogging I can express my thought and opinion about certain topics that I like the most. Besides that, blogging has become one of the way for me to release tension and make friends. I can write and share anything with my friends in the blog. Sometimes we also make a discussion in the blog about certain topics that can help us to sharing our opinion about that matter.


Based on your experience, what is the benefit of blogging?

Based in my experience, blogging give many benefits to blogger. For me, with blogging we can enhance our writing and communications skills. It is because, writing and communications is the most important thing to blogger during they blogging in the blog. It is requirement and main purpose why we do blogging. With blogging, I am started to think about my grammar, points in post and also my friend’s opinion about my writing. It is makes me aware that before this I never care about this matter during writing. Now, it becomes more and more important to me.


Do you need more assistance to set up your blog

Yes. Because for me, to create a blog is very easy because we just need to follow with the instructions given by the blog website. But, to makes the blog more interesting, I need lots of assistance from the internet in order to make it nice and more attractive. Sometimes, even for the layout I need to look for it at the internet because layouts provided by the blog in pale and look very boring.


Do you have any memorable/favorite topic in your blog?

Yes. I have a quite lot of topics that I love in my blog. One of it is about why I am doing reading in the internet. Is it for search information or for pleasure or incidental reading? I choose reading for pleasure because most of my reading using internet is just for fun and for gain more knowledge. I do not have any specific reason or purpose to read using internet. In just enjoy reading using internet.


List 5 advantages of blogging for you

  1. Enhance my writing and communications skills.
  2. Helps me to share my thoughts, feeling and opinions with the others blogger.
  3. Makes me reads more than before because I want to know about topics that I can share with other bloggers.
  4. Makes me love my laptop more and more..hehehe ( I need my laptop to write in blog without it maybe quite hard for me to write in my blog)
  5. Updated me with the latest way of communicate with others people in this world.


List 5 disadvantages of blogging

  1. It’s quite hard to makes it nice because we need to use another sources of applications to decorate our blog.
  2. Needs internet connection very much. Without it we can reach the blog website.
  3. Takes too much time to make post. Sometimes even hours and it is very bored.
  4. There are too many procedures to be followed to makes a blog and it limited our freedom to write about our own opinion.
  5. Takes a too much time to set it up and sometimes makes me feels that it just wasting my time.


Will you continue blogging after the course? Please explains why?

Yes. I will continue blogging even after the course. It is because I love blogging now and I want to continue it as long as I can. For me it encourage to shows myself even though it just only a virtual. Slowly blogging helps me to built my levels of confident step by step.


Do you think that blogging improve your writing


Do you think that we should continue with blogging activity for the next batch of students?


Will you recommend your friends to blog?

Yes. Definitely

Can you teach a friend to set up his/her blog?

Yes. I think I can.


For posting 5, we need to find 2 articles about concordance and its applications in language learning. We also need to provide the links for the article and do a summary about these articles. Then we need to give benefits of concordance will give to language learning and language teachers.



English Concordances

This article tell us about the used of English concordance in language learning. There are lots of functions of English concordance. One of it is to locate passage. We can use English concordance to locate any passage even though we just remembered a few leading of words from that passage. Besides that, we also use English concordance to pursue about a certain topics throughout the Bible. Any topics or issues is treated throughout the bible can be found by using an English concordance. But, among all of these functions, the main function of English concordance is to discover nuances of meaning of certain words. With knowing the meaning of these words, it can help us to understand the various contexts of it use.

Link: http://www.library.yale.edu/div/engcon1.htm



What is a Concordance?

Concordance is a list of possible meaning of certain words used in a text or body of texts. It also showed which part of the texts that the words are occurring. Concordance can do much more than just translating, it also can become one of the most powerful tools for investigating literally, legal and philosophical texts. It also can be use to show how many times any words is used and not used. Concordance not just for literary but for others too such as computer programmer and certain organizations as a tools to provide all references that they are need to. Other than that, concordance will appear in the list of arranged alphabetically of all of words used in the original text.

Link: http://www.dundee.ac.uk/english/wics/cncintro.htm


In my opinion, concordancers give lots of benefits to language learner and language teachers. By using concordances language leaner can expand their vocabulary knowledge because concordances give list of possible meaning of certain words to the user. As a result, user will know various meaning of the same words. As a language learner to have strong vocabulary is important because vocabulary is a 'root' of language. Language teachers get lots of benafits by using a concordances. As a teacher, to have a strong vocabulary is so important because teachers need to check mistakes made by students. Because of that, teachers can use concordances as a tool to enhance own vocabulary.


For 4th posting, we need to go to Perpustakaan Tun Seri Lanang(PTSL) to find out 2 articles using databases provided by PTSL related to one of this topics:

  1. CALL
  2. Bridging Digital Divide
  3. Women and ICT
  4. E-learning



What does it means with dissertation online? Dissertation online is a service that provided by some place such as university to be fill up with academic overloading such as article or journal using internet. To find a dissertation online we need to search using dissertation databases. There are lots of advantages by using dissertation online. One of the advantages by using dissertation online is effective and saving cost and time. Most of the article or journal provides by dissertation online are free and easy to get. We just need to search topics that we want in the dissertation databases and we can get the result as soon as a flash. Besides that, dissertation online also helps us by gives us an ideas to write refer to the article or journal on it. But, dissertation online are so easy to be plagiarized by other people. This is the most weaknesses by using dissertation online.



  2. Education Full Text
  3. GEMA
  4. Emerald Fulltext
  5. Lisa.Net
  6. Oxford Journals
  7. ProQueast Dissertation and Theses Fulltext
  9. UNITAR e-journal
  10. ProQuest Education Journal & Eric Plus Text

And many more…

 First Article Summary

A Knowledge-Driven Model to Personalize



Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

This article focuses on the fundamental issues that have slowed down e-learning systems from becoming the revolutionary force it to be for education. While present systems aim to foster important enhancements in learning, this article claimed that most systems are still limited to just being online repositories. The lack of learning personalization has become a topic for research. However, a knowledge-driven model to personalize e-learning is projected in this article where a novel methodology for eliciting tacit knowledge is offered. They are more to the description on the complex information processing in terms of knowledge, rather than the details of its accomplishment.

Second Article Summary

From E-Learning Space to E-learning Place

The argument that e-learning environments are more like buildings which convey the meaning of learning spaces rather than places for learning have been highlighted in this article. This is a concept which originated by the architecture and metropolitan design. They use both of the concepts to differentiate static spaces from inhabited places. But, being the objectives of the design is the most significant point here.Next, the renovation from space to place is hold up and allow by social communications between the society. The article also argue that this dissimilarity between the concepts explains some of the tribulations with current e-learning systems. By recognize the significance and characteristics of a place, designers and researchers can rationalize the need and support for social interactions in learning space. As a result, this enable the people in the society building in e-learning environments. Yet, the most important thing is hold up the enhancement of a user-friendly and encouraging e-learning situate.



Saturday, March 21, 2009


  1. Mamma.com
  2. Google scholar
  3. Eric digest
  4. Yahoo.com


There are some similarities between all 4 search engines. Mamma.com, google scholar, eric digest and yahoo.com are use by people to search information. All of these search engines provides the best device for search information. Besides that, these entire search engines give the user the easiest way for looking the information by using a keyword or exact phrase. These search engines also give all the articles or journal in the shortest time.



Mamma.com provides the easier way for looking digital media and personal files. Mamma.com is different from other search engine because mamma.com it is the only search engine that have yellow pages and white pages. This kind of abilities help user to looking for somebody or place. Besides that, mamma.com also have suggested information for the user if the information that be given by the search engine is not enough. To sum up, mamma.com is very efficient to be use because of its ability in looking information. Try it by yourself.


Eric Digest

For Eric digest, it also provides article but most of its article are related with education. Eric digest are the best search engine for looking variety of topics about short reports, bibliographies and index documents. This search engine had been design special for advance learners such as teachers, administrators or also known as educational community. Besides that, most of the results provides by eric digest are include with references and authors.


Google Scholar

Google scholar search engine gives simplest way to searching information because we can search across many disciplines and sources such as papers, theses, books and articles. All of this information is from academic publisher, university and scholarly organization, and also from professional societies. Google scholar also help user to search the most relevant research across to world about topics that user looking for. Library visitors also can use Google scholar to locate scholarly literature provides by library with is in printed or electronic version.



Yahoo.com it is not just a search engine, but it also a source to people all around the world to communicate, create and share information. Yahoo also provides users with advertisement and latest news. Because of that, yahoo has become the famous search engine compare with the other search engine. It also includes more languages that help user to use it.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


How Blogging Can Assist Language Learners And Enhance Your Writing Skills

In my opinion, blogging an assist language learners and enhance writing skills because blooging require bloggers to write his own opinion and information about his blog. Furthermore, blogging also needs bloggers to look at others blog and read about their blog.

As a student of English Language Studies (ELS), I think using blog helps me a lot to improve my writing skills. It is because when I start to use blog I realize that I have become more and more concern about grammar, spelling and words that I am use in writing in my blog. Blogging needs me to always update with the latest issue. Because of that, when I am start blogging, it is encourage me to reading and looking for the latest news and information. At the same time, even thought it is incidental reading but it still helps me a lot to enhance my writing skill. 

I am believed people who are using blog as the medium to share opinion and makes friends will agree with my statement. It is because blog is not just can be online diary to the user but it also a kind of tool of communications to connect people around the world.


Blogs That I am Enjoy Reading

Here I want to share 2 of blogs that I enjoy reading at most.

1. http://www.babiesonline.com/

I love reading this blog because this blog gives information about babies. I like babies very much. From this blog I can get information about how to take care of the babies. But what I love the most in this blog is we can search about the baby’s name. It is very interesting because we can know about the usual name or unusual name for the babies. This blog is also very nice and full with interesting picture of babies. It is very cute!!

To sum up, this blog is a good blog for the future parent to looking information about parental preparations. 

2. http://myhaircuts.blogspot.com/search/label/Asian-hairstyle

For this blog, I am enjoyed reading it is because this blog shows the latest trend of haircut for Asian people. Most of the haircuts are inspired from Korean and Japanese people. All of the haircuts are very cute and very suitable for Asian people. Furthermore, this blog also include types of hairstyle from all over the world and hairstyle of the celebrities. This blog not just for women only but men also can look for the newest haircut style for them. Because of that I think this blog are enjoyable to read.


Go to the blog if you want to know more!! ;-) 



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