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Thursday, April 9, 2009


For 4th posting, we need to go to Perpustakaan Tun Seri Lanang(PTSL) to find out 2 articles using databases provided by PTSL related to one of this topics:

  1. CALL
  2. Bridging Digital Divide
  3. Women and ICT
  4. E-learning



What does it means with dissertation online? Dissertation online is a service that provided by some place such as university to be fill up with academic overloading such as article or journal using internet. To find a dissertation online we need to search using dissertation databases. There are lots of advantages by using dissertation online. One of the advantages by using dissertation online is effective and saving cost and time. Most of the article or journal provides by dissertation online are free and easy to get. We just need to search topics that we want in the dissertation databases and we can get the result as soon as a flash. Besides that, dissertation online also helps us by gives us an ideas to write refer to the article or journal on it. But, dissertation online are so easy to be plagiarized by other people. This is the most weaknesses by using dissertation online.



  2. Education Full Text
  3. GEMA
  4. Emerald Fulltext
  5. Lisa.Net
  6. Oxford Journals
  7. ProQueast Dissertation and Theses Fulltext
  9. UNITAR e-journal
  10. ProQuest Education Journal & Eric Plus Text

And many more…

 First Article Summary

A Knowledge-Driven Model to Personalize



Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

This article focuses on the fundamental issues that have slowed down e-learning systems from becoming the revolutionary force it to be for education. While present systems aim to foster important enhancements in learning, this article claimed that most systems are still limited to just being online repositories. The lack of learning personalization has become a topic for research. However, a knowledge-driven model to personalize e-learning is projected in this article where a novel methodology for eliciting tacit knowledge is offered. They are more to the description on the complex information processing in terms of knowledge, rather than the details of its accomplishment.

Second Article Summary

From E-Learning Space to E-learning Place

The argument that e-learning environments are more like buildings which convey the meaning of learning spaces rather than places for learning have been highlighted in this article. This is a concept which originated by the architecture and metropolitan design. They use both of the concepts to differentiate static spaces from inhabited places. But, being the objectives of the design is the most significant point here.Next, the renovation from space to place is hold up and allow by social communications between the society. The article also argue that this dissimilarity between the concepts explains some of the tribulations with current e-learning systems. By recognize the significance and characteristics of a place, designers and researchers can rationalize the need and support for social interactions in learning space. As a result, this enable the people in the society building in e-learning environments. Yet, the most important thing is hold up the enhancement of a user-friendly and encouraging e-learning situate.



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