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Thursday, April 9, 2009


For posting 5, we need to find 2 articles about concordance and its applications in language learning. We also need to provide the links for the article and do a summary about these articles. Then we need to give benefits of concordance will give to language learning and language teachers.



English Concordances

This article tell us about the used of English concordance in language learning. There are lots of functions of English concordance. One of it is to locate passage. We can use English concordance to locate any passage even though we just remembered a few leading of words from that passage. Besides that, we also use English concordance to pursue about a certain topics throughout the Bible. Any topics or issues is treated throughout the bible can be found by using an English concordance. But, among all of these functions, the main function of English concordance is to discover nuances of meaning of certain words. With knowing the meaning of these words, it can help us to understand the various contexts of it use.

Link: http://www.library.yale.edu/div/engcon1.htm



What is a Concordance?

Concordance is a list of possible meaning of certain words used in a text or body of texts. It also showed which part of the texts that the words are occurring. Concordance can do much more than just translating, it also can become one of the most powerful tools for investigating literally, legal and philosophical texts. It also can be use to show how many times any words is used and not used. Concordance not just for literary but for others too such as computer programmer and certain organizations as a tools to provide all references that they are need to. Other than that, concordance will appear in the list of arranged alphabetically of all of words used in the original text.

Link: http://www.dundee.ac.uk/english/wics/cncintro.htm


In my opinion, concordancers give lots of benefits to language learner and language teachers. By using concordances language leaner can expand their vocabulary knowledge because concordances give list of possible meaning of certain words to the user. As a result, user will know various meaning of the same words. As a language learner to have strong vocabulary is important because vocabulary is a 'root' of language. Language teachers get lots of benafits by using a concordances. As a teacher, to have a strong vocabulary is so important because teachers need to check mistakes made by students. Because of that, teachers can use concordances as a tool to enhance own vocabulary.

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